I have started creating a fairly random collection of sticker designs. Below are some of the stickers I have made available through the Copious Ink Etsy Store. As of June 2021, I have 21 designs, with more designs are on the way.

Sticker Packs

Stickers can be purchased together in packs. When purchased in packs, the cost of each individual sticker is reduced.

Single Stickers (Holographic)

Holographic sticker have glossy finish and reflect the light with a rather cool looking rainbow effect. The color of the artwork itself is slightly muted relative to matte stickers, but the rainbow effect on the reflected light more than makes up for it. People tend to really like holographic stickers. Some individual sticker pages include videos, so you can follow the links to see the effect for yourself.

Single Stickers (Matte)

Stickers with a matte finish are great in terms of color and visibility of the artwork. Relative to glossy finishes, glare on the surface of the matte stickers is reduced, making the artwork a bit easier to see from all angles and in a variety of lighting conditions.