Grand Opening of Copious Ink Etsy Store


The Copious Ink Etsy store is now setup and online!

Initially, I have only listed a handful of stickers based on digital illustrations I have created. However, more items will be listed relatively soon.

I have been doing both art (drawings, illustrations, etc.) and photography on and off for several years now. I have taken quite a few photos, and have numerous drawings and illustrations. However, I tend to just create them, but not really share or show them to anyone.

Over the years, a few family and friends have requested prints from me. A few complete strangers have even contacted me through my personal website, asking if I sell any of my photographs.

With some encouragement from family and friends, I thought I would share some of my work through an Etsy store. For me, this is something I do on the side for fun. The point being to share my work more widely, rather than having it remain largely unseen. Also, it would be nice if my hobbies became self sufficient, creating a bit of income I could use to purchase additional art supplies and photography equipment. This would enable me to create even more.

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