Below are some of the stickers available through the Copious Ink Etsy Store. As of June 2021, there are 21 designs available for purchase, with more designs are on the way.

Sticker Packs

Stickers can be purchased together in packs. When purchased in packs, the cost of each individual sticker is reduced.

Single Stickers (Holographic)

Holographic sticker have glossy finish and reflect the light with a rather cool looking rainbow effect. The color of the artwork itself is slightly muted relative to matte stickers, but the rainbow effect on the reflected light more than makes up for it. People tend to really like holographic stickers. Some individual sticker pages include videos, so you can follow the links to see the effect for yourself.

Single Stickers (Matte)

Stickers with a matte finish are great in terms of color and visibility of the artwork. Relative to glossy finishes, glare on the surface of the matte stickers is reduced, making the artwork a bit easier to see from all angles and in a variety of lighting conditions.

COVID-19 Resist Sticker

This sticker was created in the spring of 2020, as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic was taking shape. It depicts a SARS-CoV-2 virus getting sick as humanity begins to resist its onslaught.

Goblin Bomber Sticker

This goblin bomber is using a beer helmet to hold his dynamite. A couple of blow torches on the back of the helmet light the fuses as he bites down on the trigger. That is a clever little goblin.

D20 That Escalated Quickly

If your DM is anything like mine, critical failures come with consequences. These consequences are meant to spice up the DnD (or Pathfinder) game a bit, and of course, occur at random times. This sticker is meant to "celebrate" these moments of "delight."

D20 Arc Reactor Parody

This sticker is meant to be a parody of Iron Man's arc reactor, but powered by a critical success roll on a D20 dice. Rolling a natural 20 in games like DnD and Pathfinder can be quite exciting when it happens in a clutch moment.

Orc Mage Sticker

It is quite rare to encounter an orc mage (or orc wizard or orc sorcerer) in role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and others. This sticker is a celebration of this rare combination.

Cat Dragon Sticker

The cuteness of a cat mixed the raw power of a dragon. Now that is a scary thought. But, it's so cute. How dangerous could it really be? Just one quick pet should be fine.

Frog Prince Sticker

The classic frog prince character from the fairy tales. This guys is just sitting around waiting for a princess to come along and give him a kiss.

Succubus Sticker (Matte)

Succubi are a well known creature in fantasy role playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and many others. This holographic, vinyl sticker depicts a succubus casting a magical spell, likely to charm some unexpecting, mortal adventurer. This is a matte version of the sticker. A holographic version is available as well.

Teifling Woman Sticker

This illustration is a portrait of a teifling confused woman. Teiflings are one of the common races in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). Though, the race has been present in one form or another in previous editions as well.

Punk Woman Yelling Back Off

This matte sticker is of a punk woman yelling "back off" at the viewer. She certainly is a woman with attitude and not afraid to express it.

A Tune For Two Sticker

This sticker has an illustration of two young adults sharing a single pair of headphones as they listen to music together. Each of them are enjoying the music and their time together as they are close, cozy, and comfy with one another. What a cute young couple.

Elven Woman and Lady Bug Sticker

This elven woman was wondering through a forest when she happened to come upon a ladybug sitting on a leaf. Of course, she must stop for a moment to admire the ladybug before the ladybug has a chance to fly off.

Baby Dragon Sticker

Aw!! It is a cute, baby dragon holding a rattle! "Who's going to grow up into mommy's big, strong terror? You are! You are!" Though, I cannot say that I have ever come across an orange dragon before. Either way, that is an adorable sticker.

Demon Lady Sticker

This demon woman has an impressive set of horns on her. I bet a lot of the male demons get pretty jealous around such a well endowed woman.

Gecko Sticker

This sticker works well on things like water bottles since it makes it look like there is a cute, little gecko climbing up it. Perhaps it sees you, and it is trying to hold still so that you do not see it.

Cute Kitty Sticker

Who can resist a sticker of a cute, cuddly kitten? Monsters, that's who. If you do not enjoy this sticker, congradulations, you passed the "are you a monster" test.

Colorful Brush Sticker

A sticker showing a brush leaving behind a beautiful, if not messy, rainbow of paint. Art certainly is messy at times.

Genie Sticker

This sticker is an illustration of a genie.

Barmiad Sticker

A sticker of a woman wearing a dirndl and servering beer at Oktoberfest.

Angel Warrior Sticker

The sticker is an illustration of an angel warrior.

Woman Dancing Sticker

This sticker is an illustration of a woman dancing. Her rainbow-colored hair is flailing about as she moves around.