Long Exposure Photo Taken in Downtown San Jose, CA

This is a long exposure photograph taken in downtown San Jose, California. The view is looking down Market Street as nearby cars pass. The head lights and tail lights from the passing cars create light trails in the photograph that look as if they are floating in the air just above the street.

More info on the original photo can also be found on the artist's website, DavidKunzman.net.

Details Within the Photograph

Image showing some zoomed in areas of the photograph to give the viewer an indication of the level of detail in the full sized photograph.
Zoomed in areas of the photograph showing details. When printed at full size (see available aspect ratios for available sizes), the zoomed in squares shown here would be 1 inch by 1 inch in size.

Available Sizes and Aspect Ratios

Image showing print sizes and aspect ratios available when printing the photograph.
Various print sizes and aspect ratios available.

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