Succubus Sticker (Matte)

Succubi are a well known creature in fantasy role playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and many others. This holographic, vinyl sticker depicts a succubus casting a magical spell, likely to charm some unexpecting, mortal adventurer. This is a matte version of the sticker. A holographic version is available as well.

Two Variants Available

This succubus sticker comes in two variants, this matte variant and a holographic variant. The holographic version reflects a rainbow of color as the angle of the sticker changes relative to the viewer. However, the color of the image itself is not quite as bright and vibrant compared to the matte variant. The matte variant has brighter and move vibrant colors as part of the image itself, but does not have the holographic effect. There is a video on the holographic variant's page that shows the holographic effect fairly well.

Decorate Using Stickers

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Save Money Using Custom Sticker Packs

The store also has sticker packs available. By buying multiple stickers at a time, the price per sticker is decreased. See the sticker packs section on the products page for a list of sticker packs. Note that individual stickers in the packs can be swapped out, allowing you to create your own custom sticker pack. See the sticker pack listings for details.

General Description

This sticker is made of vinyl and has a laminate coating. This makes it fairly tough and resilient relative to paper stickers without a protective coating. I have personally used a few of these vinyl stickers on a water bottle. They have survived a couple trips through the dishwasher, coming out looking as good as when they first went in.

As with stickers in general, they work best on fixed surfaces. Placing them on surfaces that tend to move and flex a lot, such as fabric, may reduce their ability to stay attached for long periods of time.

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